A Troublesome Book

So one of my new series of books will be a fantasy romance across the centuries. I say as I throw my tablet across the room.

Already, I’ve ditched the first 26000 words. Yep, you read that right. Started again, but it’s not right.

So back to the original ditched attempt, I have a copy. Thank God.

Part one is actually fine, better then the second attempt. So let’s keep that. It’s the present day that’s causing problems. But not anymore, I’ve an idea which may work.

So, time to bring back that first draft and re-work the second part.

It will not defeat me!

Falling for a Duke

So, my beta comments are back. She liked the story and gave me really excellent comments, and a few questions which I have now altered. Just a sentence or so, no big chances.

However, she did mention giving Bella more happy memories, so I have. One so delightful, I’m dead jealous.

I’m not spoiling it, you’ll have to read the book, but even I think I have outdone myself with this one. In fact, I’m adding something along the same lines to the second Romancing in Scotland book. No spoilers on that one either, but I will say it’s on the second draft/first edit and going well. Look out for that release in 2019.

English Spelling

Just to Clear it up.

When I wrote Persecuting Abi, I placed a disclaimer in the front stating it was in British English. No one took any notice and the spellings got brought up in my review. Since then it’s been changed to American English.

However, one of my beta’s has picked up on the ‘wrong spelling’ of realised. So I need to make one thing very clear to all my readers.

‘Falling for a Duke’ is Scottish, I am English. Therefore, my Scottish novels will be wrote in British English.

Sorry if this causes any problems.