Persecuting Series

These have been unpublished for a re-vamp. I hope to re-release next year.

The Persecuting Series is dark fiction. The books cover psychological, romance, and thriller genres. The first two are exceptionally dark but the whole series is not for the faint-hearted.

They all contain triggers and deal with dark subjects.

I wanted the characters to be strong and a gritty story-line to show the characters at their best. How well they worked together and pulled together in times of need. According to my reviews, the idea worked.

The main plot has hung around my head for a while, and I decided to write it down, and it’s been quite successful.  This has led to more books to come in the future.

Persecuting Abi

Abigail Lawton has a dark secret, one that means she knows finding love wouldn’t be easy. After transferring to the LAPD, Adam Leroy falls for Abi, not knowing her past.

A story of love found and lost, but will it every be re-kindled? Can the LAPD save Abi before that past destroys both of them?

Full of suspense which will keep you turning the pages, read the book that has my readers talking.

18+ and is nit fir the faint-hearted. contains triggers.

Now has a gold quality award.

Persecuting Adam

Abi and Adam are due to get married, but will the day go according to plan, or will her problem return to ruin it? This time Adam must fight for his life. Can Abi have her happy ever after, or will her past completely destroy them?

This time the stakes are higher, the twists are more extreme, and Adam learns the past about Abi’s father’s past.

Follow the couples fight to stay together. Feel their sadness, their happiness, and everything in between.

Now has a gold quality award.

18 +. contains triggers.