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Persecuting Abi

‘What a thrilling exciting story. What a debut this story has had me on the edge off my seat with all of it’s twists and turns. Abi is such a strong character her shear grit and determination really shone through. Adam is the type of gentleman that every woman dreams of he’s kind, gentle, patient, loving and caring.’ – Andrea

‘A true page turner. An easy read which kept me turning the pages. Frightening to believe that, what happened to Abi, can happen in real life.’ – Maggie

‘All of the characters are amazing. Some you love; some you love to hate (to me, that is a sign of great writing).’ – QueenbeeQT

‘This is a great read! The story is brilliant, it holds suspense and has detailed characters. The story has many twists and doesn’t feel drawn out, it is gripping.’ – Marie-Louise

‘I thought that Persecuting Abi had a great amount of romance and suspense. I felt like at times that I was watching one of the better Lifetime movies.’ – Samantha

‘It was an awesome read. Exciting and thrilling, indeed. The pain of Abi was detailed that I felt it through my bones. But her determination and willingness to live was on point.’ – Frieda

‘I was hooked from the get go and for the first time i will say finished a book within 4 hours or less this year lol. A truly captivating,thrilling read.terrifying at times,but addictive all the same’ – Ashy

Persecuting Adam

‘This is another great book. The story follows on from book 1 finished. There is relevant background information given so could be used as a standalone.’ – Marie-Louise

‘Persecuting Adam does a good job of picking up where the first left off.’ – Samantha

‘I love how that Abi’s and Adam’s love for each other keeps them fighting to ensure each others survival no matter the cost.I still hate Michael but i am absolutely in love with the story.The ending was a surprise but it was a great ending.’ – Ashy