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Persecuting Abi

‘What a thrilling exciting story. What a debut this story has had me on the edge off my seat with all of it’s twists and turns. Abi is such a strong character her shear grit and determination really shone through. Adam is the type of gentleman that every woman dreams of he’s kind, gentle, patient, loving and caring.’ – Andrea

‘A true page turner. An easy read which kept me turning the pages. Frightening to believe that, what happened to Abi, can happen in real life.’ – Maggie

‘All of the characters are amazing. Some you love; some you love to hate (to me, that is a sign of great writing).’ – QueenbeeQT

‘This is a great read! The story is brilliant, it holds suspense and has detailed characters. The story has many twists and doesn’t feel drawn out, it is gripping.’ – Marie-Louise

‘I thought that Persecuting Abi had a great amount of romance and suspense. I felt like at times that I was watching one of the better Lifetime movies.’ – Samantha

‘It was an awesome read. Exciting and thrilling, indeed. The pain of Abi was detailed that I felt it through my bones. But her determination and willingness to live was on point.’ – Frieda

‘I was hooked from the get go and for the first time i will say finished a book within 4 hours or less this year lol. A truly captivating,thrilling read.terrifying at times,but addictive all the same’ – Ashy

Persecuting Adam

‘This is another great book. The story follows on from book 1 finished. There is relevant background information given so could be used as a standalone.’ – Marie-Louise

‘Persecuting Adam does a good job of picking up where the first left off.’ – Samantha

‘I love how that Abi’s and Adam’s love for each other keeps them fighting to ensure each others survival no matter the cost.I still hate Michael but i am absolutely in love with the story.The ending was a surprise but it was a great ending.’ – Ashy

Falling for a Duke

‘I love reading reimagined takes on fairlytales and classics, and Falling for a Duke does not disappoint. The author did an exceptional job of making you connect to Arabelle, and the connection between Ramsay and her draws you in. I didn’t want for it to end. Nice Job!’ Tina

‘Interesting Twist on the Cinderella Tale. 2 nasty villains. Dark and sexy. Enjoyed it very much. Looking forward to the next book in the series’ Robin

‘This is the second book ive read from this author and I loved it. Being a romance freak, I found the story flowed smoothly, just enough good and bad drama, and love,,love, love. Excellence’ K L

‘What starts as a Cinderella retake, turns quickly in to a deliciously dark and sexy page turner.
It’s incredibly easy to root for the main character as you get to love her from the beginning of the book, and also might get some murderous intent for certain figures, easily recognizable.’ Andreea

Falling For Katie

‘This is a dark and gripping romantic story with strong and developed characters. Katie is abducted more than once by horrible men and made to suffer badly. She’s a tough one though, and she has a wonderful man who would go to the ends of the earth to find and save her. Despite the darkness in this story, there are many good people who love and help her. As another reviewer said, if you like light-hearted romance this isn’t the book for you. However, if you like romantic suspense that you can really sink your teeth into, read this one!’ Laura

‘The author does not disappoint when it comes to dark romance. The heart wrenching trials poor Katie has to go through will break your heart. But, there is a hidden strength – just like in every woman – that will guide her to persevere the unthinkable. A very well written story! I’m looking forward to the next one!’ Maya

Billionaire’s Plaesure

‘Whew…if you like something that will get you hot underneath your collar, this one will do it. It isn’t all sex but actually carries a deeply embedded story full of twists and turns! Grab a copy for some late night reading!’ Kindle reviewer