Romancing in Scotland

The Romancing in Scotland series is set in modern Scotland. As the title suggest they are romances, not as dark as the Persecuting series. They still contain some psychological theme. 18+


Falling for a Duke

A Cinderella story to melt anyone’s heart.

Living with the demands of her mother and brother, Bella hasn’t known genuine love since the death of her father.

Against his sister’s advice and constant meddling, The Duke of Starthberg is willing to risk his title to find true love, a thing his sister insists doesn’t exist.

A visit from a charming masked woman during Gretna’s annual gala, which includes a masked ball courtesy of his sister, may have proven the Duke right. But as the clock strikes midnight, the lass in question disappears. Only her mask is left behind.

In his quest, to find the beauty behind the mask, he meets and falls in love with Bella, the owner of another Husky stud.

Unknown to him that the two women may be one lass, the duke must choose the one he loves the most.

Yet, Bella’s mother has her own set of wicked plans. Can Bella break free to claim her man, or will her mother destroy all of her happiness?

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