Intimate Thoughts

Adam (Persecuting Series)

My family though I was cray to transfer to L.A. After all, I’d be leaving my family and friends behind and starting from scratch. But they need police offers there too and a position happened to become available.

But then I saw her. The woman who caught my heart and soul. The  woman who I knew was for me. With her long blonde hair which blew around her face in the wind. I sat and watched her while I sipped my drink. She never noticed me.

When I hit the precinct, she became my police partner. My luck was in. Or so I thought. The warnings came. My police captain, her old partner, made it clear if I hurt her, they’d hurt me. No one explained. But the stubborn part of me took on the challenge.

So, here I am. trying my best to win her around. Her laughter burns within me, I can’t begin to explain why. But I enjoy it and make it my life to make her laugh more. When I   finally work up the nerve to ask her out, she said yes. But I got the feeling she wanted to back out. However, she didn’t.

The goodnight kiss made my mind up. Abi would be mind.