Intimate Thoughts

Adam (Persecuting Series)

My family though I was cray to transfer to L.A. After all, I’d be leaving my family and friends behind and starting from scratch. But they need police offers there too and a position happened to become available.

But then I saw her. The woman who caught my heart and soul. The  woman who I knew was for me. With her long blonde hair which blew around her face in the wind. I sat and watched her while I sipped my drink. She never noticed me.

When I hit the precinct, she became my police partner. My luck was in. Or so I thought. The warnings came. My police captain, her old partner, made it clear if I hurt her, they’d hurt me. No one explained. But the stubborn part of me took on the challenge.

So, here I am. trying my best to win her around. Her laughter burns within me, I can’t begin to explain why. But I enjoy it and make it my life to make her laugh more. When I   finally work up the nerve to ask her out, she said yes. But I got the feeling she wanted to back out. However, she didn’t.

The goodnight kiss made my mind up. Abi would be mind.

James (Billionaire’s Pleasure)

I never thought I’d meet a woman who’d not only win my heart, but break me from my playboy Saturday nights.

But she did. In a way I could never imagine.

Not only beautiful in her own special way, but sassy as hell. She’s the one I want and nothing, or no one, will get in my way.

The person threatening her had better watch out. I’m not one to sit back and watch. She’s my woman, and I protect what is mine.