Falling for a Duke update

With the arc’s on the way out, I’m hoping for reviews to be in by the release date of the eBook.

I’m also arranging a Facebook release launch, and I may be offering a few prizes and more information on the book. Maybe reviews and teasers, if they are back.


Romancing in Scotland 2

Yep, you heard right, the second book is underway and on it’s second draft. And I’ll be honest, I think it may better better than the first, but you’ll have to read both to know.

No spoilers, blurb or anything else yet as they may still be a few changes, but I don’t think so.

I already have a potential cover image, and remember, this series can be read as standalones.


Falling for a Duke

So, my beta comments are back. She liked the story and gave me really excellent comments, and a few questions which I have now altered. Just a sentence or so, no big chances.

However, she did mention giving Bella more happy memories, so I have. One so delightful, I’m dead jealous.

I’m not spoiling it, you’ll have to read the book, but even I think I have outdone myself with this one. In fact, I’m adding something along the same lines to the second Romancing in Scotland book. No spoilers on that one either, but I will say it’s on the second draft/first edit and going well. Look out for that release in 2019.

Falling for a Duke – Teaser 2

‘As Ramsey sat on the edge of the bed, his fingers itched to investigate her skin, his mouth moistened at the thought of her lips captured against his, but when her tongue bobbed out to catch some gravy, which tried to escape, he almost let out a moan and came close to taking her there and then.’

From Falling from a Duke. Hopefully released 1st December 2018

And before anyone says it, get your head out of the gutter.

Ps new cover update to be released, this will be the final version. Keep an eye out for it over the coming weeks.