Your Romantic Hero

Bodybuilder, Sixpack, Six-Pack, Muscles

The typical sexy hero. The one you find on the front of covers half naked.

People, Homeless, Man, Poverty, Male

But who’s to say this man isn’t someone’s true love either?

This one is similar in parts to writing your heroine. He must be believable. But what makes the perfect hero for your romance story. I’ve posted two picture above. One the typical sexy man you presume will turn up, but what is the heroine falls for number two? Are you going to turn off? Do you lose interest? Not if the author has done their job correctly.

The hero is the one who normally rescues the heroine. (Yes, it can be reversed, but I’m not going there just yet). You man must be the equivalent other half of your female. She must fall for him, but why him? Why not the man next door? Well, she could, nothing stopping her. I mean, your heroine is a strong busty woman. She can hold her own. Does she need a man to support her all the time? After all, if she can kick-ass already, the man might not need to. She might get a bit fed up of him butting in – now there’s a story. On the other hand, your female is weak and mousy. To sacred to say hello to her shadow. Does she want a man who jumps at every slight sound? Maybe not, she wants a man who will support her, while the first female might prefer a man who is happy to let her take control. Who said writing was easy?

Back to the basics. It doesn’t really matter what he looks like. Your female might fall for his looks, but eventually it’ll be his personality which will win out. So far, I’ve written a Duke and a private investigator. Both two different men. One born to riches, the other born to abuse. But both protect their female in their own way. (I’ve a bad-boy series too – first will be out December the first. Three different men with different ways of saving their women). The man thing is he doesn’t have to be perfect. Show his caring side, his strong half, but give him a flaw of some sort. Every Female dreams of the perfect man but come on ladies, do they really exist? Can you honestly say your other half is perfect and doesn’t get on your nerves? Own up, now.

Has your hero got a bad past? Bring it out. Maybe he argues a lot? Can’t accept his females love due to previous abuse – done that too. Make him storm off when he’s outnumbered. maybe then your heroine will feel sorry for him and that’s how their love develops. But remember to add those happy memories to slow the action down a bit. Send them out on a date – even if they do argue at the end. Not all dates go in the right way.

Whatever you do, your readers need to fall for your hero. A flat, boring hero will make them drop the book. He needs to grow, develop as the story goes along. Do they have the same interests, or are they the complete opposites. It can work.

Whatever you do, make the couple appear real. If you struggle to see them together, I can tell you, your readers won’t. Then you get those bad reviews and sales drop. However, that’s when the editing comes into play. You can correct things.

Above all else, if the story isn’t’ working, delete it. Yes, you read right. I once deleted 56,000 words. I cried but, the new edition was better and stronger.

So now you should have some idea about your main characters. Go and write and write them. Go on. I know you can do it now. The perfect couple.

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