Ask, Writing, Who, What, How, Why, Where

The questions all writers must ask themselves.

  1. Who

One of the main questions is who are you writing about? Who are your main characters? The minor characters will trundle along at their own pace, but the main ones must be well known to you.

Are they in a relationship? Hate each other? Learning about life? Favourite color, flower etc.. Married, divorced, single? Birthday – oh, they have to have a birthday. Hair/eye color. All the little things must be covered.

But, you don’t need to know this all at the start of your story. I build my characters as I go along. They have also been known to change hair color and length half way through – this is a fun one to chase al the previous mentions. I once changed the surname of one mc.

2) When

Now, this isn’t as easy at it appears. The timeline must fit the story. No use writing about Vikings in modern England.

Think about if you are writing in modern times, or if your story fits a more historical fiction.

2) Where

Ah, another consideration. I have a series based in Scotland because it fits the story. Another in England. And another in America. Why America? Because my mc’s were cops and needed to carry a weapon while on duty. In the UK, most don’t.

Think about where your story feels at home, and don’t worry if you have to change the place half way through.

Oh, and it’s fiction – the place doesn’t even have to exist. I invented Starthberg in Scotland. You can even exaggerate the area. I’ve never been to LA but there’s now an alleyway leading to a wood. Not sure if it exists.

4) How

Now this one who can have fun with. How do your mc’s meet? At this point you can think right out of the box. Anything within reason goes. Just make it believable.

How does the story fit together? Do your characters and places work together? If not, change them. It’s your story and you can do whatever you want.

And last of all – how do you want the story to progress and end? If it helps, plot out an outline.

5) Why

You can take this anyway your want.

Why are you writing a book? Because you just wan to say you have? Maybe not. The best stories are those whose writers have poured their heart into it. Those who have characters shouting at them.

Why are you even releasing the book? Now, this isn’t has daft as you thing. Lots of people have wrote something and never published. So, why are you? Me – I have a story to tell. I want to entertain people.

5) What

What? What are you doing? Shouldn’t your be writing and not reading this? Go on, get those fingers going.

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