Sexy and Rude Location Names

Do you want that perfect place name? The one place you just couldn’t make up?

Today I’m going to have a bit of fun and locate a few for you. It’s amazing how may there are. These are U.K. only places. I’ll cover other countries later.

Boggy Bottom is located in Hertfordshire and in 2015 came third in a poll of rude names.

Cornwall boasts the hamlet of Cocks. Admit it. If that was your address, could you keep a straight face if you told anyone?

Fanny hands lane, Lincolnshire. In 2018 this lane was listed 4th in a list of rude road names.

Oxfordshire proudly boasts a place my the name of Golden Balls. Come on, you me. You’d love to have a set.

Great Cockup and Little Cockup, are hills in the Lake District. Boys, which one will I find you up? And if you say little, our friendship might be over.

Norwich has a Hooker Road. That’s one I’m never moving to.

Meryside has a Slag Lane. I don’t think I want to know how that one came into being.

Scotland isn’t getting away with it, either. Aberdeenshire has Brokenwind. Dick court in Lanarkshire. East Breast, Inverclyde – I’m not asking what happened to the west one.

Wales has a few too. Bullyhole Bottom in Monmouthshire. Tarts Hill, Flintshire. And not forgetting Three Cocks, Breconshire.

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