A short for those who loved Falling for a Duke.

So, Bella and Ramsey are spending another peaceful Christmas at home. Or am they?

Hope you enjoy this short story from two of my favorite characters.

Bella’s kicked Ramsey out after he made a laughing comment about how she’d sleep with Bruce if she could. After all, she spends more time with him. (If you don’t know, Bruce is her favorite husky).

She’s threatened to run off with Gareth, which has made Ramsey lock her in the bedroom. Sarah’s let her out, but Bella’s discovered a box of photos of Ramsey as a child. Guess what’s now decorating the ballroom and it’s the Christmas Eve Ball this evening.

Oh, the ball’s going to be fun. Ramsey’s stuck at a meeting and won’t be back to early enough to stop Bella’s mischief.

Everyone have got their masks, haven’t they?


When Ramsey arrived back, he discovered his wife sitting crossed legged on the couch with her head stuck in a book. “Quiet day?” he asked.

Popping the book on her lap, Bella maintained her innocent expression. “Bored, waiting for you to get back. “I’m sorry about this mornings comment. Can I please have my bedroom duties back?” 

When Bella patted the cushion next to her, Ramsey sat and captured her luscious lips, just as a certain husky walked in and yapped.

With a laugh, Ramsey pulled Bella onto his lap. “Bruce, she’s mine the rest of the day.”
Another bark came as Bruce wandered back out.

“Sweetheart, are you prepared for the ball, this evening?”

The straight face remained. “Yes, my love. I’ve checked and everything’s sorted.”

“So, we have a bit of spare time?”

A squeal escaped from Bella as Ramsey stood with her in his arms. The bedroom beckoned.


As he led her down the staircase Bella squealed as she spotted their guests who waited in the lounge. “Katie!”

“Sorry we’re a bit late, traffic was horrendous,” Helena said as she embraced Bella next.
With the Gowen’s arrival, James and Alastair helped Gareth hand out champagne.

As Sean raised his glass, he made a toast. “To Bella and Ramsey. Happy wedding anniversary.”
They mingled for half an hour, then everyone but the main couple left and entered the ballroom.

A gasp came from them all as they spotted the photos. Laughter followed.
“Bella, has to be Bella. Gareth, want to fill us in?” Helena asked.

“Ramsey made a slight comment and this was the reply. He doesn’t know. I did warn her, but you know Bella.”

“Oh, we know her so well,” Sean answered. “I really can’t wait to see how Ramsey reacts.”

“But he was such a cute baby.” More laughter came from Helena.

When Ramsey held his arm out, he smiled down at his wife. “Ready, sweetheart?”

A nod came as she took his arm and they walked to the ballroom doors. Gareth waited and gave Bella as quick kiss on her check. “Ramsey, enjoy the evening. Let’s get you in there.” As the doors opened, Gareth called out. “Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce The Duke and Duchess Of Starthberg.”

The couple walked in and in an instant Ramsey spotted the new decorations.



As the couple entered the ballroom, Ramsey held his breath as Bella flew a hand to her mouth.
Just inside was a enormous photo of Bella as a child sitting in her father’s lap. A photo she remembered being taken a few years before his death. A weekend they’d had alone, without her mother and brother being around. How they’d enjoyed themselves.

“Sweetheart, Merry Christmas. And did you really think I wouldn’t realize you were up to something?” As his arm wrapped around Bella’s waist, a passionate kiss followed.

“How?” Bella asked.

“Alastair gave me the heads up, because he found that picture for me. I know how much you miss your dad.”

“Thank you. It’s the best present ever.”
With tears shining from happiness, Bella took her husband’s arm once more and began the first dance. The St Bernard’s Waltz. Their first ever dance.

The end.

Hope you have enjoyed this short story. To find out how they met Grab your copy of Falling for A duke

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