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Persecuting Abi

‘Abi is such a strong character her shear grit and determination really shone through. Adam is the type of gentleman that every woman dreams of he’s kind, gentle, patient, loving and caring.’- Andrea

#All of the characters are amazing. Some you love; some you love to hate (to me, that is a sign of great writing).’- QueenbeeQT

‘I thought that Persecuting Abi had a great amount of romance and suspense. I felt like at times that I was watching one of the better Lifetime movies. Overall, this is a really good start to the author’s career. –  Samantha

‘A true page turner. An easy read which kept me turning the pages. Frightening to believe that, what happened to Abi, can happen in real life.’ – Maggie Long

‘This is a great read! The story is brilliant, it holds suspense and has detailed characters. The story has many twists and doesn’t feel drawn out, it is gripping.’ – Marie-Louise

‘It was an awesome read. Exciting and thrilling, indeed. The pain of Abi was detailed that I felt it through my bones. But her determination and willingness to live was on point.’ – Frieda

‘I finished reading this book in 48 hours. Once you pick it up, it is hard to put it down. It has a handsome cop, the cop loves a beautiful woman, the woman loves him back but will the demons of her past let her have her happily ever after?’ – Priyanka

‘Persecuting Abi” was a fast-paced, gritty read that many fans of dark fiction will enjoy. Abi’s fighting spirit was probably one of the best aspects of the story. Her defiance and refusal to give up on her life and on her loved ones made her a wonderful central heroine. I’ll definitely be picking up book two.’ – Ellie

Persecuting Adam

‘This is another great book. The story follows on from book 1 finished. There is relevant background information given so could be used as a standalone.’ – Marie-Louise

‘Persecuting Adam does a good job of picking up where the first left off.’ – Samantha