Character Shorts

This is the area where you can get to know my characters a bit more. It won’t matter if you have the read the books or not, as they will be short stories or biographies not necessary in the books.

The stories will not have been in the book, for that you’ll have to read them, sorry. But hopefully they will give you a bit more insight to the way they think.

Enjoy. And if you do, send your friends this way.



(Persecuting Series)


Boarding the plane to LA Adam waved to his family who were seeing him off. After working for the NYPD, he was now embarking on a new life. The LAPD beckoned him. Why, he had no idea but the moment he saw the advert he realized that’s where he needed to be.

Upon arrival, he hailed a taxi and headed directly to his hotel. Dropping his bag on the floor, the suitcase parked next to the bed, he stared out of the window. This was his new home, those streets he’d be patrolling in a few days. Unpacking he wondered who he’d be partnered with. Not a problem he fitted into most situations with ease. Part of being a cop, I suppose.

At thirty-two Adam pondered where his life was headed. Single, which surprised most women when he ventured out on the occasional date, but none were made for him. Maybe those streets out there did.

Running a hand through his short, deep brown hair, he decided to go down to the restaurant, have dinner, call it a night.

The morning sun shone through the curtains woke Adam up. After a shower and breakfast, he headed out mid-morning. With a spring in his step, he wondered around the shops and discovered a small coffee shop. Buying his usual coffee, milk and one sugar, he found a quiet bench.

Officers came and went, smiling, nattering and cheerful. Must be the local police haunt. Another police unit pulled in, a golden-haired officer walked past, his heart jumped. Now there’s a woman I’d like to know. Taking a sip of his coffee, he watched her buy a drink and join a dark-haired woman at a table. Must be a friend.

As his brown eyes regarded the two women, he watched them laugh and joke. Being a cop Adam had brilliant observation skills, the way they talked, acted, they must have grown up together. The stubborn part of him came out, he wanted to know that golden-haired cop in a close way, preferably with his hands all over her. With luck, she’s at the same station as me.

Adam thought of his parents and two brothers he’d left behind. A close-knit family who cared for each other. That’s how he was brought up, care for those you love, a quality which made him adaptable, friendly and honest. Except for the few times he worked undercover, being honest then might have gotten him killed. The number of times he’d had to repent at church, since being an adult, could be counted on one hand, but that woman might send him back there.

A peel of laughter flew over to him. Taking another sip of his drink he used the time to glance their way. The way her hair flittered in the breeze as she shook her head made him want her more. Shame she’s sitting with her back to me, I’d love to see her eyes.

As her radio crackled to life she said goodbye to her friend, dropped her empty cup in the bin and drove away. His eyes followed her all the way.

Abigail Lawton

(Persecuting Series)

Abi is the kind of woman everyone likes. Easy going, approachable, two attributes which make her a great cop. With a casual dress sense, she prefers practical clothes to following the fashion. 

Strong and independent, considering what she’s suffered as a child, but that did teach her to be able to take a fair bit of pressure. She also goes out of her way to help people. 

Her hardest fear was allowing Adam back into her life, made more difficult by her stubborn streak.