Book covers Designed by me

I’ve been playing around with new software and made a cover.

Yes, me.

All images unless stated, are from Pixibay while I play around.

Not a photo stock image as I do photography.


Dandelion Wishes watermark
This is one I did after a tutorial. Images from Pixibay.
dragon gears watermark
I thought it lacked a little something so I added some smoke.
dragon gears fog watermark
Not a stock image, but I do love this photo.
Sunset paradise watermark
Then I went further and more complicated. This has 12 layers.  But Again, something was wrong.
Fire dragon pixi watermark
The sky was the problem. This is more like it. Images from Pixibay.
UntitledFire dragon pixi watermark2
I love the background, so ditched the dragon.
Elemental dragon watermark
Here’s another but needs a lot more work on it. My first play with light changing.
Dragon warrior watermark
And last for now. A simple little cover. One image. One overlay. And I adore it.
It also won a challenge award.
Burning rain watermark
Again these are images from pixibay as I’m still playing and learning. But this is the type of cover I love and am so glad I figured out how to do.
This one also won a weekly challenge.
London nights watermark
This is my first attempt at using daz. No stock images have been used in this image. This was to practice colours.

Trapped daz watermark 2

Another Daz. But what is she reaching for? And another colour practice.

Mellish 2 watermark

Another one with new techniques.

Winter's vampire watermark 2



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